research article

Social Determinants of Health that Influence the Uptake of the PMTCT Program

Joyce Kamanzi, Solina M. Richter, Pauline Paul, Kimberly Jarvis

mini review

research article

Effect of New Treatment Strategies of COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit Patients in the Second Wave and its Impact on Mortality

Sven Peeters, Manuel Streuter, Mathias Lehmann, Marek Nawrocki, Katrin Kösters, Kjong-Van Lehmann, Benjamin Juntermanns, Knut Kröger

research article

Nursing-Guided Pre-Procedural Preparation In Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Miryam González-Cebrian,RN, MSN, PhDc ,Marta Alonso-Fernández-Gatta, MD,PhD, Rosa Carreño Sánchez RN, Elena Olaya González Egido RN, Sara Alonso

research article

Communication about Disease-Related Malnutrition in the Perspective of Health Professionals in General Practice and Patients

Signe Schlichting Matthiesen , Charlotte Lund Mikkelsen, Sabina Lund Mikkelsen, Mette Holst

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research article

Assessing the Risk of Burnout in Three Belgian Hospitals

Emmanuelle Hellin, Amélie Rochel, Benoit Libert, Fabian Dehanne


Transforming the Palliative Care Experience with Virtual Reality

Kathleen Benton, Teri Yarbrow, Melissa Gaule, Madeline Foran

research article

Self-Medication among Pregnant Women Attending Manhyia Government Hospital

Kofi Gyasi Agyei, Cecilia Ackon Ansong, Ramatu Agambire, Frank Agyei Bediako

research article

Patients’ Experiences with Nutritional Care during Hospitalization and Proposals for Improvement

Sabina Mikkelsen, Lotte Boa Skadhauge, Randi Tobberup, Henrik Højgaard Rasmussen, Mette Holst

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research article

COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality in Long-Term Care Facilities in Tennessee

Ariel Worleyϯ, Peace Odiaseϯ, Mekeila Cook, Allysceaeioun Britt, Girish Rachakonda,

research article

Physical Activity and its Association with Fatigue in Men with Prostate Cancer

Chao-Pin Hsiao, Seunghee Margevicius, Siqian Wang, Barbara Daly

research article

Comparison of Urinary Incontinence in Older White and Black Women: A Pilot Study

Jessica Alden, Julius Ngwa, Alice S Ryan, Tatiana VD Sanses

short communication

Co-creation Initiatives in Healthcare in Small Communities

Victoria Ramos, Iris de San Pedro, Andres Dochao, Anabela Caeiro, Roberto D’Amico, Greghory Duta, Elvira Casado, Esmeralda Santacruz, Coral Hernánd

research article

Clinical and Imaging Misdiagnosis of Intracranial Fibrosarcoma

Chun Zhou, Wenqian Jiang, Qingyu Wu, Yongming Tan

letter to editor

Consensus on the Prevention of Peristomal Skin Disorders

Burlando Martina, Guerra Eliana, Angileri Luisa, Ferrucci Silvia Mariel, Caroppo Francesca, Cioni Margherita, Belloni Fortina Anna, Parodi Aurora,